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jane dagny
Blog KeyI haven’t blogged in a while, but it seems that you guys have been kept entertained with personal insights from our family of contributors.

I’ve been contemplating the idea of blogging, and how we are able to connect with one another through the common topic of yoga and just life in general. We have some readers from other parts of the world and some from home. The universal language we share is experience.

So, I wonder, do any of you have blogs? I’m almost certain that some of you even micro-blog – you know Twitter, Facebook, etc. It’s amazing how quickly information is shared. And yes, we are wonderfully connected. At the same time, however, there is a distance between us; to a certain degree, we don’t know a whole lot about each other. I’d like to hear how you practice yoga and how you are elevating your well-being. If you don’t know where to begin and is a person who likes to share freely, you could do that easily with our yoga community.

Certainly, there will be days where you may not feel your best and maybe don’t want to talk about it. I hear ya. So from one friend to another, what I’d like to convey as I end this blog entry is to ask you to pursue your happiness. Maybe you want to grab some ice cream, go for a leisurely stroll, do a little breathing exercise to calm your mind, or make big plans and set them into motion. Whether it may be extravagant or simple, I hope you remember to do that. Even a speck of sand along the beach has a purpose, and when I see it glimmer so brightly in the sunlight, I can never help but to notice it.

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