Yoga for Computer Stress

Francesca Silva

computer-virus.jpgRight now, I hate computers – specifically, my computer! My stubborn, pig-headed, temperamental computer that has a mind of its own and is the absolute bane of my existence.

Without going into any sordid details, last week my computer suddenly decided to contract a virus. There I was, happily doing some research for an article I was writing, when a big red “VIRUS ALERT” blinked on to my screen. This was followed by the ominous message “Your computer has been infected by a Trojan(-something-or-other) virus.”

Okay, so what now? And why now – when I was feeling particularly inspired in my writing and everything was ticking along merrily.

To spite me – that’s why.

I immediately made a panicky call to my online help and was, of course, put on hold (with annoying elevator music playing in the background, which certainly didn’t improve my mood) for about 25 minutes. When someone finally came on the line, I somehow managed to retain admirable control of my temper (it wasn’t his fault, after all, that my computer was misbehaving) and explained my predicament. I was then provided with the ever-so-helpful information that I would be given a “ticket” and a technician would call me back within three to five days! Excuse me???!!!

So what was I supposed to do in the meantime? Stare at my computer and sulk? Perhaps I could pick it up and throw it into my ancient hot tub, which was leaking anyway (yes, it’s been that kind of week)!

Well, obviously I needed to calm down, so I started doing some deep breathing. After a few minutes of that, however, I realized I was still glaring at my computer, so drastic action was called for.

I put my yoga mat on the floor, took out one of my yoga DVDs and popped it into my DVD player. It took more than a few minutes for me to adjust and re-focus my mind and get into the rhythm, but once I achieved that, I began to flow smoothly through the poses and let go of my frustrations. I felt so wonderful after my yoga session that I was determined not to ruin my mood by even looking at my computer for the rest of the day.

So, now that my computer’s working again, we’ve re-established a wary, mutually beneficial working relationship – as long as it doesn’t misbehave again, I won’t throw it into the (still leaking) hot tub!

And life goes on…

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2 Responses to “Yoga for Computer Stress”

  1. Westopher says:

    Very cute post & a perfect solution for distress! What yoga DVD did you bust out? Any favorite moves that chill you out? I find that pigeon pose does a good job of it…

  2. Francesca Silva says:

    Hi Westopher,

    Thanks for your response to my blog – glad you enjoyed it. Computer’s still driving me mad so lately I’ve been all but attached to my favourite DVD, which is John Sovec’s “The Gift of Yoga”.

    On the movie scene, I’m shamelessly addicted to anything oh-so-British – “Upstairs Downstairs” sort of thing, although I recently watched “Julie and Julia” and enjoyed it.


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