Dude, That’s My Car

elbert traister

CarJumping.jpgSo, my weekend was pretty packed with events. I had youth group as usual on Friday night since I’m a counselor. Saturday, the craziness began.

I worked out with a friend, and then headed over to church to help out another friend with a school photo project. We had taken 35 shots of the 36 non-digital roll, and we were stuck on what to do for the last one. I have a penchant for trying to jump on top of or over things, so I took a look at a car parked next to the church. I said, “I can jump over it.”  “No way,” he said. “Wanna bet?” I smiled. So, he moved his car next to the curb, and I took two practice jumps just in front of the car to make sure I could clear it. Obviously, there was no guarantee that nothing bad would happen, but what the heck, right? Moment of truth. I took about 20 steps back, and then off I went, over the car! (I hope to have a video of this soon, but for now, I will just wait to see how the developed picture turns out.) After that, I went to practice volleyball with some of the youth kids before the church-wide Thanksgiving dinner that night.

On Sunday morning I woke up at 6 am, again as usual, and went to work out with the same I guy I worked out with the day before. I’m still training for the 300 workout, by the way. Then, I hit service and Sunday school before going to a birthday party for the coolest one-year-old ever – Ian! I capped off my weekend with third-row seats for the Lakers vs. Rockets game.

Man o’ man, did I enjoy my sleep when I got home that night.

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