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A Lasting Yoga Practice

Paloma Chavez
sustainingyoga.jpgContinuing with our resources for a lasting yoga practice, here are a couple of books considered to be staples for an advancing yoga practice. In Ojai, California we find Suza Francina and her updated and upcoming release of her book entitled The New Yoga for People Over 50. As a certified Iyengar yoga instructor she has extensive experience working with senior communities as well as in home health care for convalescing people....
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Yoga Retreat for Breast Cancer

Paloma Chavez
Amidst the beaches of North Carolina, yoga teacher Jean Costa gathers with a group of women who have survived breast cancer and are seeking a refuge where they hope to regenerate their health and spirit. Born from her own struggle with breast cancer, Jean Costa personally experienced the need of a restorative and supportive atmosphere for women being challenged with this disease. (more…)

Natural Weight Loss With Yoga

Paloma Chavez
Recently I came across a statistic that stated “One out of three women and one out of four men are on a diet at any given time.” And that on average a young girl begins dieting from the age of fourteen and is more worried about getting fat than she is about getting cancer. How did our society get to this point? (more…)

Award Winning Disabled Yoga Teacher

Paloma Chavez
“It took a devastating car accident, paralysis from the chest down, and dependence on a wheelchair before I truly realized the importance of my body.” -Matthew Sanford After suffering a car accident when he was 13, which caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down, Matthew Sanford refused to allow his circumstances to limit his ability. With that strength of mind, he ultimately exhibited the vision and courage to recreate his life for the benefit...

Increase Vitality Through Yoga

Paloma Chavez
It seems as though no matter what new vitamin or exercise plan is being touted these days, we are still seeking to find the source of true vitality. One of the reasons I decided to begin a yoga practice was to find a way to have increased stamina and to renew my natural energy throughout the day. I had been gradually feeling lethargic and restless at the same time. After several days of feeling overwhelmed from work or family responsibilities...

Kirtan Madness

Margaret Kruszewska
KirtanTo lift my spirits, I sing. And this month - with mercury in retrograde and the fire season in California and a summer of strange and wobbly changes that have affected my bank account, my health and my confidence - I've been singing a lot! (more…)
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Yoga and Menopause

Margaret Kruszewska
Having just watched an very good public television special called Menopause and Beyond with Dr. Christiane Northrup made me reflect on one of the most common questions asked by female yoga students: can doing yoga help with menopause? (more…)
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Day 6: Puffing My Kidneys

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_Anusara_day6.jpgThat's what the yoga instructor said as he called my name in class, "puff your kidneys!" I am still capable of quipping back in a New York minute - "say WHAT?"

Developing a heightened sense of where your kishkas are may come after many years of yoga practice and study, but that instruction had me puzzled for the rest of the class. It's not the first time I've heard it in an...
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Day 5: Who Says?!

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_Anusara_day5.jpgA yoga class can be a place where students, especially female students, may experience issues around authority, self-authority, and their bodies. Certainly I have, when stepping into a class and placing myself onto my yoga mat in front of a yoga teacher I do not know, whom, I hope, will know how to work with my limitations. (more…)
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10 Days with Bikram Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_Bikram_day10.jpgI have completed 10 days straight doing Bikram Yoga! Feel great. No aches, no injuries, didn't pass out or drop from heat exhaustion. There's a nice cleaned- out feeling with my skin looking good and my organs having had a good squeeze and rinse out! So how would it compare to doing 10 days of any other type of yoga? And would I recommend it? Continue Reading: 10 Days with Bikram Yoga