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The Good Medicine

Paloma Chavez
goodmedicine.jpgThis weekend in Los Angeles the Golden Bridge Center will be hosting a natural healing and wellness event called Good Medicine. The Golden Bridge – Spiritual Village was co-founded by the nationally revered teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. It has successfully provided a “village” of yoga practices, education and options for natural wellness. According to the organizers of Good Medicine they describe their work, as “Our mission is to...
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Honoring Your Practice

Paloma Chavez
honyoga.jpgIn this month’s issue of Yoga Journal, there was a thoughtful article entitled “10 Tools for Creating Your Happiest Life.” In this article it covers areas such as “Plug in to your spiritual self, get energized about your future, let go of the old and honor your physical self.” This last one seems to parallel closely with our yoga practice. (more…)
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Yoga Medical Update

Paloma Chavez
science2.jpgOnce again the positive results of a regular yoga practice have been acknowledged in the medical community. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity are a few of the probable outcomes of metabolic syndrome. And neglecting your health in any of these instances can lead to a weakened system. (more…)
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Words of Wisdom

Paloma Chavez
jan2.jpgOne of our favorite resources is the Shambala Sun magazine. As we continue to feel the promise and excitement of a new year it is vital that we gather as many nurturing and supportive tools as we can. And the January issue of Shambala Sun has a wealth of thoughtful resources. An insightful piece entitled "More Than Just a Body" is an interview with Rodney Yee that offers us a brief...
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Exceptional Yoga Stories

Paloma Chavez

dec31st.jpgWe at YogaHub wish to take a moment to offer Thanks and Appreciation to all of our YogaHub readers, and community for their insightful words, and generous support of our site. Also, an additional Thanks to the staff of writers, researchers, teachers and advisers of YogaHub for their dedication and good work throughout the year.

It has been an exciting opportunity to share with you our passion and commitment to providing the yoga community...
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Life Reflecting Yoga

Paloma Chavez
dec29.jpgWith the approaching last hours of 2007, we are anxiously and excitedly making our list of goals, intentions, and promises for the coming year. Amongst my community of friends and co-workers our goals are centered around health, career, finances, love, family, community and spirituality.  And of course we expect to achieve some level of greatness in each of these areas! (more…)
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A Pose Beyond the Physical

Paloma Chavez
sunsalutation.jpgAs my practice progresses, my list of questions continue to increase.  Just when I was getting the flow right with my Sun Salutation commitment, I found that my spirit was asking for some clarification. So, I kept that thought in mind, knowing that when I least expect it the answer will make itself present.  (more…)
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The Gifts of Asana

Paloma Chavez
forestyoga.jpgOur oneness with our breath, our body and our environment plays an activating role in our yoga pratice. How we walk this earth, listen to our elders, or tend to our community can be a reflection of how we understand the teachings of yoga. (more…)
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A Dedication Apart

Paloma Chavez
buddha1.jpgEach of us has a reason for practicing yoga. Whether for physical or spiritual goals, we may not imagine that it is what it is actually saving our lives. However for many people who are challenged with a chronic illness that may very well be their answer. For Michael McColly being HIV positive has been the catalyst to transform his daily life. For him this has not been a death sentence...
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The Teachings of Loss

Paloma Chavez
yogahealing.jpgHow many of us have successfully healed ourselves after a critical loss in our lives? What approach have we embraced in order to ease our pain? And have we learned all that we were meant to from the experience? In the article entitled Grief to Gratitude, (Fit Yoga, October)the writer Libuse Bider recounts how she sought out her yoga practice to aid her in dealing with the transition of losing her father....
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