Honoring Your Practice

Paloma Chavez

honyoga.jpgIn this month’s issue of Yoga Journal, there was a thoughtful article entitled “10 Tools for Creating Your Happiest Life.” In this article it covers areas such as “Plug in to your spiritual self, get energized about your future, let go of the old and honor your physical self.” This last one seems to parallel closely with our yoga practice.

While we are consciously working towards a balance of mind, body and spirit, are we also recognizing that all these efforts are also an act of honoring oneself? Each day we set aside the time, settle our minds, and commit to extending our bodies just a bit more. These are acts of purpose and intent that will promote more awareness towards achieving our personal goals.

As we review our yoga practice can you come up with our own list of tools that are instrumental in achieving your yoga goals? Check out the article and see how you would interpret suggestions like “Be Daring and Create Community” in your daily practice.

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  1. Elbert says:

    This sounds interesting. I have always believed that your body is a gift that you should take care of, or “honor” as it were. Furthermore, your body is a mirror for your life. Whatever you do in life, mentally, physically, and spiritually, your body will reflect it.

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