Life Reflecting Yoga

Paloma Chavez

dec29.jpgWith the approaching last hours of 2007, we are anxiously and excitedly making our list of goals, intentions, and promises for the coming year. Amongst my community of friends and co-workers our goals are centered around health, career, finances, love, family, community and spirituality.  And of course we expect to achieve some level of greatness in each of these areas!

What comes first? What is at the top of the list? Is there one area that if we strengthen the others will follow in line? For many of us the act of doing yoga on a regular basis has given us some valuable skills for other areas of our daily life.

As we commit to opening our heart, standing strong and quiet in tree pose, listening to the centering of our breath and connecting to the pulse of the earth we understand that we are experiencing the teachings of yoga that will guide us through the complexities of our day.

In what areas of your daily life has yoga played a motivating role? Is there a positive shift in your thinking or response to a situation that you believe your yoga practice is responsible for?

We invite you to share your experience with the YogaHub community.

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