A Pose Beyond the Physical

Paloma Chavez

sunsalutation.jpgAs my practice progresses, my list of questions continue to increase.  Just when I was getting the flow right with my Sun Salutation commitment, I found that my spirit was asking for some clarification.

So, I kept that thought in mind, knowing that when I least expect it the answer will make itself present. 

This time it came on a Monday, when a friend pointed out an upcoming article about Sutra Yoga as it pertains to the Sun Salutation in the Yoga+Magazine.

An overview of the article includes an illustration of the 12 steps of the pose, a definition, a translation of the Sanskrit prayer, additional information on prayer, and mantras in relation to the seven chakras.

The article was easy to follow, with access to the actual prayers and mantra in Sanskrit. It also addresses yoga for the 40+ community who may be seeking direction on utilizing yoga to stabilize the irregularity of menopause.

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