Amazing Baby Yoga

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amazing-yoga.JPGIt’s been a long time since I posted my last blog, although it feels just like yesterday. I can’t seem to catch up with my daily life – it’s that fast how the days have been passing by.

Even though I have such a busy schedule, however, I sometimes play with Christina’s child. The other day he was in a “Yoga mood,” which started in the morning when he was teaching yoga to his baby-sitter. That evening, I decided to look for a yoga video on YouTube and started watching it with him.

While I was encouraging him to do yoga with me, he kept looking around and moving some stuff, so I thought his “yoga mood” was gone. But after a few minutes, I found out he was actually looking for a yoga mat for me!! The yoga mat he found was the plastic mat that you use under the office chair to make the chair move smoothly(!?)

He knows that we practice yoga on a yoga mat, so he wanted to offer a mat for me because I was just doing yoga on the carpet. I gratefully accepted his offer and started practicing yoga on the plastic mat. As you can imagine, it wasn’t very comfortable but I did just for a while to show my appreciation.

So what did he do after finding the “yoga mat”? Well, he brought his own “yoga mat,” which turned out to be the plastic mat that you use in the bathtub to prevent yourself from slipping. According to Christina, he wanted to bring two mats to the room where the TV is and start practicing yoga on the mat!

Actually, a few days ago, I’d asked him, “Can you do yoga? What’s yoga?” He’d responded by putting those two mats on the floor and asked me to use one of them while he used the other. Then he started doing downward facing dog. So I did the same on the mat that he kindly placed for me, even though it was only two or three feet long.

It’s so amazing that an almost two-and-a-half year-old kid knows what yoga is and wants to start teaching it to us. His favorite challenging pose is tree pose. What’s next?

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