Yoga For Life

aily yoga practice teaches you how to achieve strong energies by utilizing mantra, mudra, and yantra. And, as you maintain your energy flows, you will also be guided on how to
channel these powerful energies through the elements of defined words to bring yourself
to a deeper spiritual stage.
[post-img]In the process of yoga practice, energies of a divine nature such as Siva, Kali, Lakshmi, Krsna, Saraswati, and Ram are believed to be at a constant critical point when each of these has been connected to a sacred aural symbol, known as a "Mantra" (such as "Om.") [b-quote]Speaking these mantras will help to support individuals to harmonize their energies with energies of a divine nature. For their daily ritual, many yoga devotees choose a certain mantra to focus on.

The form of certain hand positions is called a "Mudra", which is used to help the practitioner focus. One of the most familiar mudras is the symbolic circle with the thumb and index fingers. Creating the full body positions are what yoga positions accomplish.

[tip-fact]Positive energy waves are brought into your body by Yantra with particular patterns. Great detail is often employed in Sri Yantras.