The Basic Yoga Session – First Time At A Yoga Class

ttending your first yoga class is not the easiest of tasks. It can seem a bit daunting with all of the unusual yoga poses and unfamiliar yoga exercise equipment. However, as a beginner it is important to keep in mind the reasons why you are interested in this form of exercise. Yoga has become a popular and accessible practice that allows even the most inexperienced student to enjoy more flexibility and strength without going through all the excessive pounding that is common in other forms of exercise.

[post-img]For your first basic yoga session, you will be introduced to a room full of other beginners who, like yourself, may be feeling unsure as to why they are attending the class. Like you, they may also be concerned that they are going to make mistakes. Don’t worry. With the assistance of your
yoga instructor, you will be gently and slowly guided through each of
the yoga poses (asanas). It is your instructor’s responsibility to help you learn to extend yourself and your postures so that you can achieve the
full benefits of the yoga exercise. Along with the fluid movement of the yoga poses, you will be
guided through a meditation technique that is meant to bring about a sense of relaxation and
open up the possibility for self awareness.


Working with an experienced instructor is essential to your success in your yoga practice. It is important to take the time to discuss with your instructor any questions you might have about a recent injury, or ongoing back or joint pains. Your instructor is responsible for inquiring about your background with yoga exercise, as well as checking for any aches or ailments that might hinder your ability to participate fully in the class.  

[b-quote]In deciding where to take your first basic yoga session, you have several options. One is to get recommendations from friends who may be attending a studio in your neighborhood. Another option is to check out your local gym or even community center. Since yoga has become accessible to everyone, from young children to seniors, you are sure to find a class that will suit your schedule and level of experience.

Remember that yoga is about bringing together the mind, body and spirit in an open and safe environment. It is up to you to use that opportunity to develop a higher awareness of your body and your environment.