The YogaHub Blog Goes Mobile

Segovia Smith

I’ve had an iPhone for over three years and have personally downloaded and reviewed over 460 apps – and yet it’s taken me this long to get the Mobile version of our YogaHub site online.

It’s not that it took three years or even three months. As a matter of fact, I kind of stumbled upon the idea a few weeks ago and in a single weekend, I managed to convert our blog site into a suitable mobile solution. Visit to see the new site.

YogaHub Mobile BlogOf course, the first thing I wanted to do was start building a YH native iPhone app. However, rather than jump in head first, I thought it best to start with something simple, track and review the responsiveness of our audience (that’s you) and plan out just exactly which features and ideas are best suited for a mobile version of our YogaHub family of sites.

A few ideas that come to mind are: (1) Creating a mobile community interface that connects you to the entire platform. This could display your list of friends, their recent activities, and allow you to connect with one another, which would include finding others, making friends, sharing photos, videos and blog content.

Idea (2) is to make the hundreds of yoga videos featured on our two TV channels available in a clean searchable interface – or perhaps we could even put the workshops and conference sites into the palm of your hand.

The possibilities are truly endless, but of course the big question is, “If we build it, who will come?” So before we embark on a major project or app development undertaking, we want your opinion, our audience, subscribers, and loyal followers.

Do you have an iPhone or mobile device? What would you most like to see in a YogaHub App if we develop one? What would you use it for? Please share your comments and suggestions below.

And be sure to check out on your mobile phone and let me know what you like (or don’t like) about our most recent update.

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Author: Segovia Smith

Segovia is not only known as one of the forerunners of the Internet Marketing world, but is also highly recognized and respected for his accelerated learning and teaching style. He began his career developing for the web in 1996.

2 Responses to “The YogaHub Blog Goes Mobile”

  1. I was thinking… wouldn’t it be great if you could attend next years virtual conference entirely on either your iPhone or iPad? You could view the classrooms, listen to streaming audio, watch video content in our Movement & Meditation area all directly from your iDevice. What other great ideas do you have?

  2. Very nice!l love to stay connected to my YH community in this way. I vote for education to be on this forum, like the conference. BTW, I don’t see where I log on on this mobile space. Am I just missing it?

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