Can Yoga Cure My Headaches?

Francesca Silva

headaches.jpgI get headaches all the time. “Cluster headaches” is what my doctor calls them. I know that stress, lack of sleep, injuries to the body, eye strain, weather changes, menopause, allergies to certain food – any and all of these can cause headaches.

The funny thing is that I can be headache-free for months and then suddenly, without any prior warning, I get a series of really bad headaches that completely debilitate me and leave me incapable of functioning well.

Last week, during my yoga class, I happened to mention this to my instructor. Well, that was a smart move on my part – even if I didn’t know it at the time! She asked me why I hadn’t mentioned that from the beginning, when she’d asked us at our first class if we had any issues or health concerns. Good point – I’m not sure why it didn’t even cross my mind at the time. Perhaps I was focusing too much on being a “newbie” to yoga and didn’t want to draw any attention to myself.

Well – talk about enlightenment! My instructor reminded us that yoga is about self-awareness. It’s about becoming more aware of how our bodies and minds function and react to certain stimuli so that we are then able to recognize symptoms and learn to address and manage them before they escalate into severe problems.

My instructor continued by explaining that certain yoga poses and breathing exercises could go a long way towards relieving headache pains. She then took us through a series of gentle yoga poses to relax the tension in our bodies, open up our chests, and stretch our upper backs and necks. She ended with the Savasana – also known as the “corpse pose” – reminding us how essential it is for us to finish our yoga practice by breathing deeply, relaxing ourselves completely, and rejuvenating our body, mind, and spirit.

By practicing these poses regularly and learning how to breathe through the pain, she was confident that I would not only be able to get rid of my headaches but also learn how to prevent them from happening.

I’m willing to give it a try.

Does anyone else have headache problems? If so, I’d really like to hear what you do to get rid of the pain.
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3 Responses to “Can Yoga Cure My Headaches?”

  1. M.A.CHANDRAN says:

    Dear Mr.Francesca Silva,

    You have mentioned about the factors that are responsible for causing headache. Apart from this, untimely food habits, alcoholic drinks, walking in the sun or rain also cause headaches. The type of headache could be partial, both sides, back of the head, top of the head, forehead, temples, inside the eyes, inside the head, or in the whole head.

    The important aspect to be known is how different factors become the cause for the headache.

    In some people, when the stomach is empty for longer periods, the sugar level drops down. When the lever can no longer meet the energy requirements, the body tries to utilize the fat stored up. At this point of time, a chemical reaction takes place which disrupts the functioning of the stomach. This affects the neurological system at the head region disrupting the energy flow and finally leads to headache. This headache may go after the food, OR it can become complicated triggering a series of other problems like giddiness, nausea, disruption in bowel movements, body pain etc.

    Your headache can be categorized as something to do with the stomach. The treatment should be to strengthen up the digestive and excretory systems. This is curable through Yoga.

    These factors can really upset the functioning of the digestive system

  2. Greg says:

    Thanks for the stress information. Definitely helpful.

  3. Kanishka says:

    I also get headaches very often and the worst part is the moment i wear a clip or rubber band on my hair it starts paining. i just want to get rid of it. i have understood by now that my headache problem can get cured by doing yoga everyday. i m soon goin to join yoga classess. if someone has to say sumthing on it pls do share……………….

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