Hello, Yoga Calling

Paloma Chavez
Cartoon of PhoneIt’s early morning. You rise, have a quick shower, and then you dial your yoga teacher for your weekly class. Yes, you read that right – “yoga by phone” is the new idea for personalized yoga instruction. When your hectic life just doesn’t allow you to get to a class, your favorite teacher is just a call away!

Julie Wald, owner of Namaste New York, has conducted a number of classes by phone with some of her more experienced students. “A lot of our clients travel quite a bit, and are often in remote places or where they’re not able to access yoga,” Julie explains. “[Yoga by phone] is the same concept but totally personalized. It’s such a beautiful way to have a spiritual connection with someone.”

Namaste New York is a multifaceted fitness center that offers private, group, and corporate classes in yoga, Pilates and personal training. Other services include at-work chair massages, nutrition counseling, and a comprehensive list of prenatal programs.

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