Yoga as Change or what just happened here?

Margaret Kruszewska

There is an explanation or phrase I often used to describe what happens during a yoga session: it’s as if we are creating space within our bodies.

That may be an odd image but I thought of it today because I am feeling all scrunched up from sitting long hours at my computer and reading and it feels exactly the opposite: like everywhere is compact with no “breathing room.”

There are of course all sorts of physiological explanations of what happens to our muscles and our organs when we move through a yoga sequence (I just received an ad for a downloadable book of illustrations that shows the major muscles groups activated in asanas poses.  It’s not very aesthetically pleasing and quite honestly too-much-information for my taste).

But the sensation that most yoga practitioners describe is beyond just feeling the gym burn or sweating or seeing the ripples on your abs.

Something moves on an energy level that probably will never show up on scanning equipment.  This is when we “know” that we are healing or hurting.  When we “know” that something is wrong, or that something has changed drastically for us.

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