The Effect of Light on Yogi Marigolds

Margaret Kruszewska

During seasonal shifts, such as this month’s movement into the autumn equinox, I notice the changes in light most. It affects my waking time, my outdoor time, my sense of colors and angles. The way the sun rays spread into muted gold tones in the evening or saturate my room with a sharp white light in the morn.

I’ve always been very sensitive to light but did not know all we know today about how light affects our health. Even a little light in our bedroom can disrupt sleep- a big reason not to have blinking electronic equipment in the same room. Or streetlight streaming through the window. The full moon last week was so intense I was wide awake when it passed through my front window-that can be creative whereas the green modem lights on my computer get draped at night.

Concerned friends and my family would always suggest I turn more lights on when they saw me reading, working or eating in dimly lit rooms. Truth is I’d often get headaches from being in hyper-lit spaces like offices.

Many teachers offer eye pillows at the end of a yoga class so students can more fully relax. (By the way, it’s always advisable to bring your own as part of your yoga equipment, or place a tissue between your eyes and the pillow if it’s not yours).

Notice the difference in how you might feel doing your yoga session by candlelight, outdoors in the morning sun or under office fluorescents. We drink light not only through our eyes but through our skin and process it with our whole bodies.

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