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Christina Souza Ma

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Author: Christina Souza Ma

Christina has lived many lives – from professional Cosmetologist, L’Oreal’s Technical Commercial Director of South East Asia, Hair and Make-up designer behind the camera, to Actor and Body worker. Many years ago, Christina had a vision to create an entity that would

19 Responses to “Please Share Your Yoga Story with us…”

  1. Linda H. says:

    I’ve been receiving your postcards every week for about 7 months and find them to be a refreshing source of inspiration and calming when I tend to tense up and sort through my daily emails. I often just leave the soothing music playing in the background for hours as I move from one task to another. Thank you.

  2. Segovia says:

    Thanks Linda,

    We put a lot of energy and thought into creating each and every one of those yoga postcards. From the selection of the quotes, images and color themes, to the audio recording and web creation. Each one is truly a work of art.

    As for me, my testimonial to YogaHub is that without it I don’t know if I would be practicing yoga at all. It’s too easy for me to fall into the NO exercise routine especially during the colder months. But the fact that I’m always be working and developing new content areas, features for our community site, and speaking with other inspiring yogis who are getting involved with us, it’s really lead me back to my yoga path.

    I’m truly thankful that YogaHub exists as I derive a lot of pleasure in creating for it, as well as hearing from people like you. 🙂

  3. fluerhaferith says:

    Hi people

    As a fresh YogaHub user i just wanted to say hi to everyone else who uses this forum :>

  4. Jane says:

    Hi back at ya! Welcome to YogaHub. Just curious, how did you learn about us? Is it through the member space or have you been receiving our weekly post cards too? It’s great to meet new people. We’re glad to be here for y’all.

  5. Melissa says:

    I was the winner of the yoga mat and wanted to say thank you so much!
    I absoletly love it! I use it with my wii fit yoga! It’s awesome!

    Thank you again!

  6. NicoleD says:

    I want to go to this virtual yoga conference because this is an ingenious concept. We are so incredibly blessed to be in an age where communication can bridge people together that are worlds apart to share our loves of positive, enriching experiences from the comfort of our homes. We get this amazing opportunity to hear from the best teachers in the World while being able to save money while in this down economy.

    As an aspiring Yoga teacher and Wellness Professional, I often can’t get the education that I want due to restrictions in time and travel expenses. It’s a catch 22 always. You need to travel and take time off to get education, yet you can’t afford to or the times don’t work out. So I think these types of conferences are really the future for so many people.

    I’d love to have the opportunity to attend!

  7. Jenelle says:

    I want to go to a virtual yoga conference because…I have been practicing Yoga since my early twenties. I fell in love with Yoga during my first pregnancy. Initially, I was practicing yoga for the physical activity that I needed to stay fit while my body changed, it wasn’t until after the pregnancy and a few years later that I realized how deeply I could go inside myself during my practice. I am a licensed Physical Therapist Asst. and incorporate Yoga into my work somehow, someway. I feel that this world needs us to look deep inside ourselves, find out who we truly are, and strive to be better; for our world, for our children, for our future.
    Yoga has opened my eyes to myself. Since I now know and am still discovering who I am, I am much more inclined to accept others.
    I am not certified in Yoga although I lead a class twice a week for free. I would like to have some knowledge on marketing, as well as all of the other facets of Yoga this conference has to offer. I have two small children, work full time, and have a spouse that has been laid off and going back to school for the last three years. So for me to travel to a conference, or even take the money out of our buget to attend a conference, is not likely. This is a wonderful opportunity that I would be so grateful to be a part of.
    Thank you,

  8. I want to go to a virtual conference because I work from home and have a young baby who spends a lot of time on my lap while I sit on the computer attempting to work as she tosses my pens, eats my notes, throws my pencil sharpener on the floor and eats anything that looks vaguely electronic.

    I’d love an excuse to hire a babysitter and attain the conference ALONE!

    big love,

  9. Emily Gareis says:

    I have been a yoga instructor for 15+ yrs – In Dec 2005 my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer and subsequently did chemo, radiation and eventually major surgery in Apr 2006 where they removed quite a number of organs – my yoga practice and teaching kept my sanity. If that wasn’t enough of an emotional event in May 2006, as my husband was recovering, we were involved in a life changing car accident. The accident obliterated my left femur so I am the proud owner of a rod from my knee to my hip with lots of screws, pins and a leg that is 2 ½ inches shorter than the other. After four major surgeries, three lengthy hospital stays and months of rehab, I was told my injury was a “good as it would get”. I was devastated since I was still using a walker and wheelchair to get around and couldn’t do steps at all. I had gained 60 lbs in that time and truly had lost hope of ever getting back to my life before the accident. Being a yoga instructor I just couldn’t accept my fate and actively sought out alternate ways to again practice – I became a certified instructor for chair yoga and with lots of patience, meditation and focus I am happy to say I am teaching yoga again, both on the mat and in a chair, I have lost most of the weight that I gained, plus inches! I know if I had not had a yoga practice myself I would not only be wheel-chair bound – I would mentally be exhausted and would have given up on everything. Dealing with such life issues had made me realize just how important having a mediation/yoga practice really is. I just wish everyone could understand the importance of connecting you body, mind and soul together – Because of my accident I lost my full time job in all of this and since that point we have struggled to make ends meet – being able to attend this virual conference would be awesome to continue to learn new (and old) techniquesl, to network and to be able to continue to bring world of yoga and all it has to offer to others.

  10. Kat Taylor says:

    Did someone say win tickets to the virtual conference??
    … Okay, I’m in.

    Where to start. How about “my story”.
    I’m 39 and a mom to an amazing 13 year old.. changing careers from a lucrative money maker to a stay at home mom … just got certified to teach yoga .. I’m recently engaged to a man 8 years younger than me. ( this is a first for me as “cougar”) … however as good as that sounds on paper… I’m a mess.
    I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life.
    I’m stuck.
    I can go on and on about how grateful I am but there is a creative gene in me that isn’t getting fulfilled and a HUGE fear of just getting started on SOMETHING that I have desperately clung to. I want to open a studio .. I want to write a book.. i want to learn to play guitar ,.. lots of “I want to’s” … which is exactly what is keeping me so wedged in my “stuckness”!
    I believe that I can be a humble servant to many … and, in my day to day … I totally rock that theory … but for ME to apply it to my OWN life … I’m seriously just rocking the boat…. about to tip the boat over.
    My sleep pretty much sucks, even though I will literally sit in meditation for an hour or more … do breath work … or of course, give up on all spiritual practices and simply scour my facebook page and think of witty inspirational quotes to share with my friends so that they will never know I’m not doing as well on the inside as everyone might think.
    The funny thing is … I’m doing a heck of a lot better than I think I am.
    I think we all are.

    There is a big change coming into my life… whatever this next step in my journey might be .. even though it feels like the step I’ve just taken has landed directly in a big steaming pile of poo.

    I am learning who I am … from the inside. and you know what?? That’s freakin’ scary. and especially scary to do it alone.
    So, in closing… I guess I’m like a baby bird who’s hungry for the large buffet of support and guidance that the virtual conference can give me.

    Look, I know there are many others that could get this invite … with extraordinary stories that are full of better reasons … but I’m just reaching out because, in all honesty… I think it would be really fun to win it.

    Namaste and stuff …

  11. Here I am at my first yoga conference and what an experience it’s been. So here’s back story on this… As a fairly new yogi and yoga teacher I’m always looking for yoga training to help deepen my own practice and help me in my yoga teaching. I do travel from my home in Texas to my mom’s house in Arizona every other month, and sometimes it’s difficult to find training available between my travel trips that I can commit time and money to attend. So when I saw YogaHub was hosting this virtual conference, at a fraction of the cost, I was all too happy to sign up.

    Originally, I was scheduled to attend Air Force Reserve training in Maryland for a few weeks and was looking forward to having a weekend to myself to attend this training from my hotel room. But the universe needed me somewhere else. Last Friday, due to the extreme weather in the Mid-Atlantic my AF Reserve training had to be postponed. And then later that same day I received a call from my mom that my grandma fell down and fractured her shoulder. So it happened that I was now available to go to Arizona to help my mom with the full time care of my grandma for a couple weeks.

    Truthfully, I can say I wasn’t looking forward to this trip. My grandma needs someone to be with her constantly and she is in the beginning stages of dementia. And this relationship physically and emotionally wears down my
    mom. It’s really a passive aggressive energy in the house. But dealing with two very stubborn Japanese women from Hawaii, I’ve learned to kind of flow with the process the best I can. This situation definitely seems more difficult than it needs to be to someone on the outside looking in. We all have the easy fix when we’re not the one living it. I just needed to remind myself that I wasn’t going to “fix” anything, just going to “help.” When I arrived I told my mom that I had previously signed up for this yoga conference my mom didn’t take it all that well. Like, “Why did you come if you’re not going to help?” So I expressed how important this conference is to me and I was going to find a way to make it work.

    So here I am in Arizona. My mom wants me to sit with grandma during the day I pulled up my laptop and found a chair in the living room to be my conference chair. I do have to leave sessions occasionally to help grandma when she needs to get up for some reason or another, so I’m so grateful for this virtual conference and the fact that I can go back and listen to the sessions at a later time. Also, since my grandma likes to be entertained by the television, and at quite a loud volume (yikes), I’m challenged with focusing and finding the calm during some of the sessions. So I put on my Bose headphones and do the best I can. I was able to do the Transformational Yoga Practice with Hillary Rubin with my headphones on. I just got down on the floor between the coffee table and some boxes full of stuff for yard sale and did the practice. And I had a wonderful practice. I could tell that grandma found it interesting too. Once while in Child’s Pose I could feel her curiously poking at my foot with her cane.

    I can say when I do have those moments, like when grandma’s asleep, that I can focus on the conference it’s like an oasis. I just drink it in and I find that this conference has been helping me go inside and be with and process all that’s going on with the situation with my mom and grandma. And I know I’ll be accessing the recordings daily during the two weeks that I’m here. Thank you, YogaHub for hosting this conference! This has been a perfect venue for me and I look forward to more virtual yoga conferences in the future. And Thank you, to all the wonderful speakers who took the time to share their knowledge, energy, and love of life with all of us.

  12. Shantha Sri says:

    Congratulations to Christina, Megan and Segovia, and all the YogaHub team for putting together this first YogaHub Conference – an amazing achievement. The website and navigration is truly mind-blowing.You’ve done an brilliant job, so thank you.

    And thank you for allowing me to join you for our discussion about music for yoga and meditation. It’s a great honor for me to be sharing this conference with so many esteemed yoga and health and wellness experts.

    The knowledge that is being shared by all involved during these three days is truly wonderful and our gratitude to you is immense.

    I wish all of you a healthy and happy life, and a successful yoga and meditation practice.

    Shantha Sri – Healing Music Artist

  13. Beautiful weekend and transformative conference! My eyes and ears were open and now my whole being is open with delight. So glad I took the chance, spent the money, committed my time to learn, grow, and share. I especially enjoyed listening to the unique qualities of each speaker, and noting their enthusiasm to teach what they’ve lived, what they know, and what they love.

    A job well done on the Virtual Conference!!!


    Malinda Romine
    PRYT – Practitioner In Training

  14. Thank you for creating a such a huge opportunity for those of us who are unable to attend the live (in-person) conferences. It was a joy to hear such good information and to have the chance to “speak” with the presenters (I’ve found that in-person conferences, it’s hard to get a chance to ask questions because they are usually surrounded at the end of their presentation). I was lucky enough to have won a scholarship to this conference and for that I am very thankful. This was a wonderful weekend. So thank you to everyone who participated and I hope we can make it bigger next year!

  15. Lacee Straw says:

    Namaste Yogahub,
    This conference was an eye opener for me in the sense that I didn’t think that a virtual yoga conference would have the power to speak to me. I totally thought this idea was kinda lame, boy was I mistaken! I have never been to a “real” yoga conference and I have always wanted to but cost has stopped me from going. I am still growing my business and one day I’ll be able to justify dropping $1000 on a weekend conference (travel, hotel, conference, food, etc) but for right now, even $200 was a stretch for me, but through the grace and kindness of Megan, I was able to attend.
    Thank you Megan, I am so happy I did.
    I was able to experience Anusara and Laughter yoga, two types of yoga classes I has always wanted to try. I was introduced to a woman named Nischala Joy Devi who I fell in love with! I was enlightened on ways I can market myself and my business better, I was smacked over the head by Kris (the abundant yogi), and realized I have been short changing myself for the past 6 months, and that I need to “get my sh*t together!”, her talk was the reminder I needed that I am quite fabulous and worth every penny I ask for (yes universe, send me her passions to pleasures workshop!), I could go on and on but I don’t want to write a novel.
    Yogahub is now a website I will recommend to every yogi and yogini I have the pleasure of sharing the joy of yoga with. 🙂
    Om Shanti,

  16. Yogasophy says:

    Namaste to all of you,

    Paid-forward by a kind heart (Fruit guys) for this wonderful opportunity to be part of the Virtual Conference. I was so deeply touched by this gesture, I decided to share the recordings with several of my Yoga classes that I organize in our community farmer’s market, everyone enjoyed tremendously (esp. deep relaxation meditations, combinatorial medicine and laughter sessions — it was so much fun to do that in a group — brings those giggles back when I am writing this), and they were amazed by my gesture to pay-it-forward to the community in this small way. All in all it came a full circle, resulting in community connections and spreading the health & wellness in our community where I teach.

    Words fall short to express my gratitude for all of you who made this possible. I will look forward for the next one, and guess what – I think I can be a presenter to share some of my own practices with the YogaHub community during the next conference.

    In Gratitude and Peace,
    Yogasophy (YG) 🙂

  17. So here I am getting ready to attend my first ever virtual conference! I was really so interested in going, but am going through an awful divorce and just didn’t have the money. I am trying my best to take care of myself during this trying time, but it’s hard. I am a new to meditation but find it extremely helpful to calm and center myself. I am also using yoga and a mindful diet to try to “reclaim myself”.
    On a whim, I entered a drawing that Wildmind Buddhist Meditation was hosting to give three people the amazing opportunity to attend this event. I won the first ticket!!! Needless to say, I was filled with such gratitude to have a chance to participate in this amazing event! I am so overwhelmed every time that I think about the chances that I had to win one of those tickets … Wow! Words could never begin to express my gratitude.
    I hope to learn and absorb all I can from the amazing line up of teachers and sessions to help me navigate this new season in my life. I am so excited and can’t wait for tomorrow!

  18. Thank you so much for a wonderful conference! I ended up with much reference material and a couple of the presenters even called to follow up on questions I emailed to them. I’ll be back for more next time!

    Just for feedback, I had a hard time navigating to the forum pages for instructors following presentations. I think somehow making a hearing impaired option would serve two purposes: the def, and being able to read talks with mute (I was at work for part of the time and didn;t have access to audio jack).

    I called a couple of times for tech support and the people were extremely helpful!

    Thank you

  19. Thanks so much for your kind words and creative feedback Brian. Yes, we would love to improve the navigation and are always looking for new ways to accomplish this. As for the hearing impaired, perhaps in the future as we grow our team and resources, we could provide transcriptions of some or all of the sessions. The biggest challenge with this is simply shear volume because the time and man hours it would take to transcribe and edit over 100+ hours of content would be very difficult to get prepared and ready in any real time nature, and could be weeks or even months before it would be completed.

    But perhaps as AI and automated software in the text to speech and visa-versa evolves, there may just be some new options available to us on the horizon.

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