Paraplegic Yoga Teacher Triumphs

Paloma Chavez


Matthew Sanford is not only an award-winning teacher and celebrated author, but he is also on the forefront of transforming the attitudes and practices of the rehabilitation system in his city and across the nation.
In earlier posts, YogaHub wrote about Matthew’s inspiring book Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence, and his nomination for the Volvo For Life Awards.

Today, we are thrilled to inform you that Matthew has been chosen for this award under the Quality of Life area. From the Volvo for Life Awards website, you can listen to an interview with Matthew after the announcement of his award. Among other topics, he discusses how he will utilize the monetary award.

Being committed to providing adaptive yoga to several communities, Matthew will be continuing that work with the Courage Center (a rehabilitation center) in Minnesota. He is currently spearheading a groundbreaking, scientifically-driven pilot program at the Courage Center, which incorporates a mind-body approach into the rehabilitation process while measuring outcomes.

In addition, he will be able to spend more time to develop programs for returning veterans and to build a comprehensive curriculum for adaptive yoga.

We congratulate Matthew on his success and look forward to following his progress in these ventures.

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