Don't Stress Over Your Child During Yoga Class

Christina Souza Ma

Baby CryingBabies don’t always enjoy Yoga class. But when it’s your baby who’s acting up, it can cause so much stress on you as a mom.

Oh my goodness. The other day, I felt so bad during our regular Mommy and Baby class.

My son was just having a bad day. Nothing would make him happy. I tried toys, teething rings, water, nursing – anything and everything I could think of. He would quieten for a bit and then just get upset all over again.

I felt so bad that I almost packed everything up to leave. But then I realized that I really needed to chill, so I decided to stay. It helped to have the instructor reassure me that the other mothers understood.

I know she’s right because when I attend classes and other babies act up, I really don’t get bothered by it. They do say that we should be able to do yoga anywhere and any time, regardless of any disruptions.

So moms, go easy on yourselves. Whether it’s the first time your child is flustered in class or the fifth time, you just need to relax and breathe deeply. The rest of us have been there and we understand.

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Author: Christina Souza Ma

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