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Segovia Smith

You ask…we listen! During last year’s conference, one of the most frequently asked questions by both affiliates and media partners alike was, “How can I set up a custom Affiliate link to send traffic to page X”? (Page X being any page on our site besides the home page.)

Look no further as we’ve set up just the tool for the job. Drum roll please as we introduce our new Affiliate URL Shortener & Redirection service.

You, along with many others, may occasionally find the need to send traffic to one of the pages on the YogaHub network. This could be your own profile page, a speaker session outline for the Virtual Conference, or an individual product page in our shopping cart. Now, instead of having to contact us to set up this custom link, you can create one yourself by following the steps outlined below.

At present, this service can be found from inside our affiliate program control panel. Once logged in, choose Advanced → Custom Link Shortener from the top navigation and you’ll be prompted with some basic instructions and an input box.

1) Simply paste in the full http:// web address to any one of our pages from around the various YogaHub websites and click the ‘Create Custom Affiliate Link’ button.

2) Confirm your Affiliate ID and click ‘Create Short Link’.

3) You’re done! (What – were you expecting something more complicated?)

Now you can use the new shortened URL, which will look something like what follows, for just about anything you like. It’s super short so it won’t chew up too many characters when tweeting and it’s automagically coded to your Affiliate ID, so you’ll always get paid on all future referrals at

If you’re interested in some of the more geeky tech talk about how we’re doing this, check out Segovia’s related blog post titled: “Custom Affiliate Link Shortening”.

Not a YogaHub Affiliate yet? Join now and start receiving 5% to 30% on all future referrals. Got a blog or podcast? Contact us for tips on how to earn even more by helping us promote our annual Virtual World Yoga Conference.


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Author: Segovia Smith

Segovia is not only known as one of the forerunners of the Internet Marketing world, but is also highly recognized and respected for his accelerated learning and teaching style. He began his career developing for the web in 1996.

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