Navaratri: Saraswati

Margaret Kruszewska

Honoring Saraswati for three days. I’m happy to do so, having been blessed with saraswati energy in my life.
She is goddess of the arts and science, knowledge, learning, music, sound, poetry, medicine. Saraswati is also the name of an actual river that used to run in India and that is now considered to be underground.Navaratri Saraswati

Saraswati is this flow of river water, not placid as a lake or calm as the ocean. She recedes and swells as she rushes over earth, changing courses and transforming the elements. Saraswati’s power is described in the Vedas and it is said that invaders were turned away because of Her powers.
In painting and statues, She holds a sacred musical instrument called a vina, the sacred scrolls or books and mala beads used for mantras. She is pictured with a swan, peacock or goose and is associated with sattvic qualities.

Jai Saraswati-Ma!

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