Navaratri- Lakshmi Mantra

Margaret Kruszewska

Mantra SoundAs I did for the three previous days devoted to Durga, I silently repeated the Lakshmi mantra during these 3 days devoted to Lakshmi. During the first day, I felt “off” – it took me another day to really better align with the rhythm and cadence that felt different from that of the Durga mantra.
Mantras are a science of sound. Mantras that are connected with specific energies, like Lakshmi, are a combination of Sanskrit syllables that have a certain inherent energy to them because of this combination. The idea is that the sounds themselves are powerful on a vibrational level.

We know that science describes sound as waves of vibrations that are measurable. So what I experienced, in repeating a certain pattern of sounds for 3 days and then another pattern for the next 3 days, was exactly this shift in vibration waves- that then changed me.

Jai Lakshmi Ma!

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