My Head’s in A Virtual Spin!

Francesca Silva

It’s been a week since YogaHub held its “live” Virtual World Yoga Conference and my head still hasn’t stopped spinning…talk about information overload! But it’s all good…better than good, in fact – it’s great.

I got to “attend” some sessions on Friday but didn’t get to participate in any over the weekend as I had out-of-town friends staying with us. I started at 8:30 am with Soleil Hepner’s “Unplug to Plug in: Over-coming Technology Overload,” which was helpful because I’ve been having my own “technology overload” issues with my new iMac (although we’re rapidly becoming bosom buddies now). Other sessions included Dr. Mikio Sankey’s “Introduction to Esoteric Acupuncture,” Neil Pearson’s “Understanding Pain and Chronic Pain,” and Jill and Dan Johnson’s “Laughter Yoga: Laugh for the Health of It,” which was lots of fun.

My friends arrived on Friday evening so I didn’t get a chance to listen in on anything else, but I wasn’t concerned because I knew I’d be able to listen in on the sessions at my leisure the following week since they had all been recorded –great foresight from the team at YogaHub!

So it’s been a week now and I’m still listening to sessions, some for the first time and some over again because I enjoyed them so much the first time around. I’m taking it slowly because I know I have another week to go and want to make sure I get the most out of every session.

I’d love to hear from people who participated in the Conference and are listening to the recorded sessions. What sessions did you attend “live”? What are you listening to now? What are getting out of them? Do you have any recommendations?

I hope we can share our thoughts about the Conference. I, for one, thought it was awesome and would like to give a huge virtual pat on the back to everyone at YogaHub for all their hard work and dedication. They’ve certainly taken their mission to “revolve around you” to heart and have raised it to another level.


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