Day 2: Done (For Now)

Megan Mcdonough

Mindful MarketingNow that the mind monsters I wrote about yesterday have been put to bed (for the time being), I can get to work on some meaty actions. Or maybe it’s more yogic to say I can get to work on some tofu-y actions!

Today, I am focusing on my webpage content. I ran the Training the Trainer course for the first time this spring, and I learned a lot about how people viewed the program. I realize there are places in the writing where I could be clearer, and there are areas that need more explanation so that people can understand what is being offered.

As we go out into the world and promote yoga programs and services, it is helpful to realize that we cannot view our own work objectively. I am too close to my own training programs to see it from your perspective. It is easy to take for granted a certain basis of understanding in the readership, so descriptions and explanations can often be lacking.

Being so accustomed to the Training the Trainer program, it is hard for me to see it anew through the eyes of potential customers. That’s why I listen closely to what you have to say. What you say (or even don’t say) gives me valuable clues as to what I am missing.

And those clues lead to an irrefutable fact: you are never done with marketing content. I know – you breathed a big sigh of relief when your website was “finished” or your glossy new brochure came back from the printer all “done.” Well, at some point that sigh of relief probably changed to a sigh of discouragement when you realized you had forgotten to add this or change that.

Websites, brochures, ads, and all other marketing communication tools are living documents, meant to be finessed as we converse with our clients and potential clients about what we have to offer. None of them are or should be static.

I guess that leads to the ultimate yogic truth: everything is impermanent.

That means we have to keep coming back to our marketing material again and again, which is not the sexiest job we can set for ourselves. It’s not as if I’m going to wake up in the morning, jump out of bed and shout, “Yahoo! Today I am going to re-read some words for the millionth time and see what needs changing!

Reviewing communication material is tedious and time-consuming. I go line by line through the text, and then take a step back to see the bigger picture. I am constantly focusing and re-focusing my attention back to the page. Is this clear? What is missing?

That’s when the snack attacks bite. Since proofing demands attention, there is a tendency to try and get away – to grab a handful of chips, to get a cup of coffee, to make some toast. It’s similar to when you are meditating and you keep fidgeting – scratching this itch or moving positions to try and get comfortable.

I stick with this process until I can’t stand it any more – and that’s how I know I am done this time around. If the copy is essential for a business goal, like the Training the Trainer program, I send it off to Tresca, my wonderful editor, who has eyes like a hawk and the heart of a great yogini. She, of course, effects some changes to my text, making it much better.

Now I am done and can breathe a big sigh of relief. Until next time. Sigh.

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