Is A Chiropractor Helpful?

madoka kasahara

Chiropractic.jpgRecently, I went to see a new chiropractor who was recommended to me by some people I know. I’ve always been in pretty good condition and have not suffered from any acute pain, but because the chiropractor is still studying under a supervisor at a chiropractic school, the cost of the examination was a lot cheaper. So I thought why not take advantage of this, which is the main reason I went to see him.

When I got there, there was a ton of paperwork that I had to fill out first. When that was finally done and I saw him, he started asking more questions based on what I’d filled out so that he could understand more about the issues I’d been having. We mainly talked about the neck issue that I’ve been having, as well as my jaw, which I’ve been recently feeling uncomfortable with. Each time he filled out more paperwork and, eventually, after asking even more questions, he told me he had to consult his supervisor.

The whole process took almost two hours, including the time spent answering a bunch of questions and filling out the paperwork.

Then we finally went to an examination room so that he could do a physical check of my body. He kindly explained what was causing the pain in my neck and the uncomfortable feelings I had in other areas of my body. However, he also told me that I was very healthy. My posture was not as bad as I thought it was. When he heard that I practice yoga regularly, he told me that yoga definitely helped me out in some way. I agree. Whenever I become lazy and avoid yoga practice (like now), my body definitely feels itchy and  my neck feels uncomfortable.

I know in my head and heart that I should do yoga regularly but I’ve been making all sorts of excuses not to find time for my yoga practice. Isn’t it strange? Taking yoga classes is much cheaper than going to see a chiropractor. So what am I hesitating for?[tags]neck issue, chiropractor, acupuncture, chiropractic school, yoga classes, yoga exercise, posture[/tags]

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