My “Gift of Yoga” Withdrawal!

Francesca Silva

eCover_GiftofYogaDVD.jpgWhat was I thinking? Well, obviously I wasn’t thinking – or I would never have let the DVD out of my sight, never mind out of my house!

Let me explain. Last week, a good friend of mine and her husband came over for dinner. Great company, great time. After dinner, when the husbands went off to watch the hockey game, my friend and I settled down for coffee and a chat.

Sometime during our conversation, Gwen mentioned that she was having aches and pains – “nothing specific, just age catching up with me,” she said. This from a friend who’s at least five years younger than I am! She also pointed out that she’d put on a few pounds and couldn’t seem to get them off as easily as she used to (singing my song she was)!

In an uncharacteristic fit of generosity (okay, perhaps insanity would be a better word), I offered to lend her my precious The Gift of Yoga” DVD. “It’s great – you’ll love it, trust me!” I enthused. This was greeted with a dubious response at best. “Okay, okay, I’ll give it a try if it’ll make you happy.” Oh thanks for allowing me to do you the favour!

Well, it’s been three weeks now and she still has my DVD. Every time I call her, she tells me how much she loves yoga and how she’s been practicing every day. Well, great – I’m delighted and all that but I want my DVD back. I’ve hinted, cajoled and all but demanded that she return it to me, but she’s obviously stalling. So okay – the good news is that I’ve “recruited” another yoga aficionado. But that’s far outweighed by the bad news, which is that I doubt if I’m ever going to see my “Gift of Yoga” DVD again!

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5 Responses to “My “Gift of Yoga” Withdrawal!”

  1. Angie says:

    Francesca, how could you??!!

    Love the DVD. It’s a great simple workout.

    Good luck in getting it back!

  2. Angie says:

    Hi Francesca,

    Good luck getting your DVD back! :o)

  3. Francesa says:

    Thanks Angie! Still trying…


  4. Christina says:

    You could always have her contact us and sign up for the Gift bundle which we would extend to her in this case if she would write a testimonial for YogaHub.

  5. gaileee says:

    Well, now I’m going to half to put the DVD in and do it now (*guilty* as charged!)


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