Game Over!

elbert traister

A lot has been happening this past week. Both my acting classes are in full swing, and so they demand a lot more of my time in terms of prep. One of them will be over in the next two weeks though. After that time, I intend to enroll in a martial arts class of some sort. I was studying wushu some time ago, but the class got moved to Sunday mornings, which is difficult for me because I have responsibilities at my church, plus I just enjoy going.

One of my softball teams had our final game of the season last night. After two home runs in my last game, I was a disappointing 1 for 3. One of those could have been a base hit because I hit it so hard the fielder couldn’t make a clean play on it. I ended up on base, but I felt it was a field-able ball, so I don’t count it as a hit. Defensively, I had a great game, but sadly our team fell after leading most of the game. A personal highlight for me was hitting six home runs in eight games. Not bad for not having played in about four years. Just means the bar is higher for next season, which starts in three weeks. Woohoo!

I will also be heading out of town in a couple of weeks to witness my brother’s graduation from medical school. Smart kid that one…

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