Easter Bunny Time!

Francesca Silva

Every year, my husband and I have family and friends over for Easter lunch, which has always been followed by an Easter egg hunt and a piñata for the kids. All kids are welcome, including ones from our neighbourhood, who miraculously seem to know the right time to show up at our doorstep.

Being a kid at heart myself, I have a blast. If the weather’s good, we’ll have it in the garden but, if not, we hide the eggs and hang the piñata in the basement – where weeks later, my husband will fish a chocolate egg out of one of the pockets of his precious pool table!

Fun times…except that the kids have all grown into teenagers now and consider themselves too old for Easter egg hunts and piñatas. Shame – they may not miss them but I certainly do.

So this year I was resigned to just having Easter lunch and foregoing the hunt and piñata. But then friends of ours from Edmonton called to ask if they and their two children, ages nine and five, could come for Easter. Perfect – as my husband pointed out, I was probably more excited about their visit than they were.

They arrived last week and we’ve been having a wonderful time. The kids are terrific – well-behaved but very, very active (no surprise there). To say they were excited when they heard about the Easter egg hunt and piñata would be an understatement. So off we went the other day to buy a piñata – after careful deliberation (and polite requests to see just about every piñata in the store), they selected a caterpillar, which I duly proceeded to fill up with chocolates and other goodies.

On Saturday, they helped us decorate the house and then we cooked up a storm. On Sunday, before everyone came for lunch, we got our priorities right and went to Church to express our appreciation and gratitude for everything that God has blessed us with.

Our friends’ kids could barely contain themselves throughout lunch, although my older nieces and nephews kept them entertained with stories of past Easter celebrations. Thank goodness the weather held out so we could have the hunt and piñata in the garden. We had such fun watching a new set of kids rush around, helped by the teenagers, who showed them where to find eggs and taught them the best way to swing at the piñata. All in all, a wonderful fun-filled day.

For me, though, the best part of my day was listening to my nieces and nephews share their recollections of previous Easters. I guess I never realized how much they appreciated and enjoyed them – and how these memories of times shared with us have been indelibly woven into the fabric of their lives. What a true blessing.

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. I just read this post and have to tell you how enjoyable it was for me! I’ve gone through the whole “rejection of holiday” thing to come around and really appreciate the times that we get together with friends and family. Reading your post brought me back to my own childhood traditions and Easter egg hunts I had with my sister. We’re both in our twenties now, but we always go home and Dad continues to play his part. Even this year, when he couldn’t be there, he made sure to set things up before he left.

    Anyway, thank you for your post! It certainly made me smile!

    Happy (belated) Easter!

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