Earth Day Blessing

Paloma Chavez
tree.jpgAll things share the same breath – the beast, the tree, the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.
Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle was a leader amongst the Puget Sound Indians. He was recognized for his natural abilities as a leader and an orator. He was a keen observer of how the land and his people were in imminent danger of the European’s intentions and he offers this blessing as a commitment to the protection of all living things.

As we take this day to rediscover our own intentions on how we might be a kinder and gentler element on the earth, it is inspiring to know that others before us have set the pace and vision for all of us. Here are a few other examples of ways you can be of service on behalf of the planet and all of it’s living beings.

Be Informed: Visit Earthday Network/Every day for everybody, for updated calls to action with regards to climate change, air pollution, and reports on urban environment.

Rethink Your Magazine: Reminder that Yoga Journal now offers a digital version of the magazine. Subscribers can sign up online and begin to receive their monthly magazine through

Participate: EnviroLink has collected a list of Earth Day activities that are happening throughout the US. You will find activities from sustainable expos to an urban forest bicycle ride.

Have a peaceful and active day. Many blessings to all.

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