Dream Big

Inspiration struck at the grocery store. I was heading for the checkout counter when my eye was caught by a photo on a greeting card: a darling baby with her bright, sparkling eyes peeping over the top of a bucket, above the words, “Give us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them.”

I bought that cute card.

Dreams are never meant to be toned down to what is reasonable, comfortable, and in a size that fits you now. Dreams need to be bulky, unwieldy, a bit too big to hold, with plenty of room for a growth spurt or two.

Dreams are meant to be bold.

For some reason, growing up seems to translate into growing out of big dreams. Youth seems well suited for energizing pie-in-the-sky thinking. Growing up usually means replacing big thinking with “being realistic” — a known killer of creativity.

Like Goldilocks looking for just the right fit, reaching out for your dreams means trying new things on for size so that you are constantly stretching your heart and head. Dreams don’t need to be limited by anything as mundane as geographic or financial constraints. They just need something simple to be nurtured — they need a “yes” from you instead of a “no”.

Saying “yes” to a dream means answering the call. Dreams are always calling, whispering of a new way, a creative possibility, a grand adventure. Dreams require many “yeses” and “I do’s” along the way. Just like any committed relationship, you don’t say “I do” once and walk away. Everyday actions either solidify that “yes” or break it apart.

Your dreams are worthy of that daily “yes,” aren’t they?

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