Category: Yoga for Women

A Pose Beyond the Physical

Paloma Chavez
sunsalutation.jpgAs my practice progresses, my list of questions continue to increase.  Just when I was getting the flow right with my Sun Salutation commitment, I found that my spirit was asking for some clarification. So, I kept that thought in mind, knowing that when I least expect it the answer will make itself present.  (more…)
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The Weight of Yoga

Paloma Chavez
yogaweight.jpgWhen a “slightly overweight, curvaceous, rounded” woman or man first considers a yoga practice, they pause with concerns. Most are what every other new student asks, “How will I bend like that?” “Do I have to be in shape to take a class?” But what continues in their mind is the reality that their extra girth will be a challenge in even the simplest twist or bend. Continue Reading: The Weight of Yoga