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Where Does the Head Go, in a Headstand?

Margaret Kruszewska
There have always existed differences amongst the various schools of yoga. In the order of the yoga poses, how quickly you move through them, if you rest in between or if you're encouraged to use yoga props. Yesterday, while taking one of my favorite yoga classes, I was told that my head placement in a headstand was wrong. I tried the suggested adjustment, but immediately felt pressure on my neck and knew it was wrong. ...

Not-a-Morning-Person Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska
Morning YogaNever have been, even under the best circumstances: early to bed, not rushing to work in the morning- I'm just not a morning person. Even when I was in teacher's training at an ashram in India and the wake up call was 4am - I hated it, I admit. (more…)
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The Lila-Dance of Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska

Daily Yoga PracticeThere is a sanskrit word that I try to remember in my daily yoga classes - "lila."

It suggests a playfulness toward your practice that extends to your daily living. A lightness that recognizes the dance between different energies, in your body and around you. (more…)

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Absolute Beginners in Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska
In the years I ran my yoginis yoga studio in Los Angeles (, I met thousands of yoga students. Most of the folks who stepped through my doors were beginners. I told them that no yoga pose would ever be as difficult as the "going to my first yoga class" pose! I have always enjoyed working with absolute beginners in yoga class because I knew something would change from that day...
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Yoga of Sound

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_sound.jpgAttended a kirtan tonight which is a session with live music, singing, chanting sacred sounds and sometimes even spontaneous dancing! In yogic practices, it is one of the ways to lift our spirits and align with the healing vibrations of music. (more…)
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Everybody into Yoga!

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_everybody-into-yoga.jpgMany students have asked me if I object to the commercialization and how popular yoga has become. Actually, I am thrilled that so many people are trying yoga poses, whether it be in in a gym or while watching a yoga video. (more…)
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Taking Care!

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_taking-care.jpgIn the middle of a yoga session, I ask myself, "why am I doing this?" There probably are more efficient ways to exercise, or relax at the end of the day or get through a problem area in your life. (more…)
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