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Navaratri-Saraswati, the name

Margaret Kruszewska
navaratri saraswatiIf you're wondering how is it that someone with my last name also ended up with a name like "saraswati" - this is the story of how I realized the power of a name. While attending yoga teacher training in Kerala, India with the Sivananda organization in 1990, I requested a name initiation. This is a common practice for many in the yoga community as you recognize that you are entering a different life-...

Navaratri-Why Durga Matters

Margaret Kruszewska
Durga Yoga StudioTo explain why viewing the divine as dynamic female really does matter - especially to us human females (who are often accused of being too "dynamic"!), I use an example from my own life. Many of my friends and family know that I am also a playwright and that I wrote a play while a resident artist at Mabou Mines in New York called "Daddy meets Durga." The play centered on a young...
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The Effect of Light on Yogi Marigolds

Margaret Kruszewska
During seasonal shifts, such as this month's movement into the autumn equinox, I notice the changes in light most. It affects my waking time, my outdoor time, my sense of colors and angles. The way the sun rays spread into muted gold tones in the evening or saturate my room with a sharp white light in the morn. I've always been very sensitive to light but did not know all we know today about how light affects...

Give Yoga a Rest

Margaret Kruszewska
Although there are super-teachers who say that even when they are sick they continue their physical yoga practice, I'm not one of them. I usually tell students to notice when their bodies are clearly signaling to take a full and complete rest. (more…)
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Fast Walking & Breathing

Margaret Kruszewska
Fast WalkingThe weather has been perfect for long fast-walking, I mean like 4-5 miles in less than an hour! Although I've never been a jogger, I can outwalk most of my runner friends. Even before my years of doing standing warrior poses, I always had amazingly strong legs. And, I've been feeling a need to build endurance into my physical movements and this is by far the most beautiful way to do it...
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Yoga and the World

Margaret Kruszewska

How can we just sit in lotus position when there’s several wars raging right now in the world, our nation is on “high alert” again, we’re gobbling oil faster than we’ll ever be able to replenish it and women and children’s lives are still at greatest danger in their own homes?

In the past 6 years of my graduate studies in San Francisco I have met many amazing individuals who have inspired many others in a...

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Yoga and Death

Margaret Kruszewska
Yoga can teach us a lot about death. Not only when we prepare ourselves for the final relaxation at the end of a class called savasana (the corpse pose) but also when we notice the limitations of our physical bodies, and then the acceptance of these changes as the only constant in our lives. (more…)
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Yoga of Sound

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_sound.jpgAttended a kirtan tonight which is a session with live music, singing, chanting sacred sounds and sometimes even spontaneous dancing! In yogic practices, it is one of the ways to lift our spirits and align with the healing vibrations of music. (more…)
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Watch Yourself

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_watch-yourself.jpgChange happens on many levels when you begin a yoga practice. In my first week of daily yoga I notice the aches and pains - the limitations- of the physical body first. But also how energy moves. My digestion is better- proof that yoga poses massage our internal organs and help the digestive "fires." (more…)
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