Category: Yoga for Emotional Health

Mind, Breath, Body in Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska
What is it that makes yoga so effective? How is it different from working out or stretching or other forms of relaxation? Why must definitions and explanations of yoga include diverse interpretations from philosophical works, sacred texts and living traditions? (more…)
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Yoga and Sleep

Margaret Kruszewska
yoga and sleepSleep is the best medicine. (And I don't mean the medicated kind, despite the annoying pop-up ads that may find their way onto this web site. My apologies, I have no control over these ad searches but I repeat I do not advocate use of sleeping pills.) Even though we're still not quite sure what happens during the sleep state, we know when we've gotten enough sleep to feel healthy....
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Yoga and Money

Margaret Kruszewska
Lakshmi The most challenging yoga lessons for me have not come about from holding advanced physical poses as seen in yoga magazines and yoga DVDs. The physical world I've struggled with most is composed of bank statements, fee invoices and ideas of "credit" and "debit." A different world of stretching and balancing! Money is a funny topic in the worlds I've lived in most of my life as an educator, artist and spiritual seeker....
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Where Do My Emotions Go in Yoga?

Margaret Kruszewska
Yoga and emotionsThere are many stereotypes about yoga practitioners, most of them silly and misconstrued. (I've stopped introducing myself as a yoga teacher at parties because I get the most inane comments about what we're supposedly capable of doing!) The one that puzzles even yoga practitioners themselves says that we shouldn't get too emotional - about anything. Like yoga and emotions just don't mix? Continue Reading: Where Do My Emotions Go in Yoga?