Navaratri: Walking with Durga

Margaret Kruszewska

Navaratri Durga deityOne way of celebrating Navaratri is by participating or performing a puja. This can be as simple as offering flowers or incense to a picture or statue of Durga. A special rock or coconut can also become the Durga energy we honor.

On my walk today, I silently chanted the Durga mantra and felt how the sounds grounded me like drum beats. Durga energy is the earth Herself- the forest moss, the leaves, the hills, the soil. And yes, even in the city, I can feel Durga as the sounds of cars and trains gliding over and underground. And as we walk on the earth’s skin – Durga-Ma!

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  1. Shali says:

    Durga mantra is great. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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