Category: Yoga for Emotional Health

The Power of Belief

Allistair Santiago
army-yoga1.JPGA few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about a newspaper article. This year’s unusually high military suicide rate had sparked a radical new approach to soldiering, whereby yoga was being offered on the frontlines to manage stress. I came down - rather hamfistedly - against the theory and principles behind this development. Predictably, however, since posting the blog, a heated discussion has ensued regarding the propriety of yoga for soldiers, with...
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Yoga for Computer Stress

Francesca Silva
computer-virus.jpgRight now, I hate computers - specifically, my computer! My stubborn, pig-headed, temperamental computer that has a mind of its own and is the absolute bane of my existence. Without going into any sordid details, last week my computer suddenly decided to contract a virus. There I was, happily doing some research for an article I was writing, when a big red “VIRUS ALERT” blinked on to my screen. This was...
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Combat Yoga

Allistair Santiago
army-yoga.JPGI read a newspaper article today. This alone is surprising as I have an acute aversion to current events - I find their reality disruptive to mine. But this morning, as I sat waiting for my coffee to percolate, the newspaper was the only thing within reach. With careful ambivalence, I paged lazily through it (looking mostly at the ads). An article with the word “yoga” in it soon caught my eye, however, and recklessly...
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Yoga on A Long Flight

Francesca Silva
yoga-on-flight.jpgBy the time you read this blog, my husband and I will be on our Mediterranean cruise – bliss. But before even boarding the cruise ship, we have to contend with a nine-hour flight to Frankfurt and another two-hour one to Rome, where we’ll pick up our cruise. Ugh (to the flight, not the cruise). (more…)
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Yoga Helps Me through The Accident

Christina Souza Ma
arm.jpgFor those of you who are parents of young children, I am sure you will be able to relate immediately to the situation I faced the other day. We were at Science World, a wonderful, educational environment for everyone of all ages. My now two-year-old son and his father were playing at one of the exhibits when an accident occurred. My son put his arm into an opening on the top of a table at...

Yoga Class with A New Instructor

Francesca Silva
AMGT_new-instructor_02.03.09.jpgRecently, I signed up at the nearby recreation centre for my second session of yoga classes. When I showed up for the first class of this new session, I was surprised to find that my original instructor wasn’t teaching the class. She was away and was being replaced by a new instructor. I was disappointed as I’d really liked Jovina, who had been encouraging and patient. Once I got over my initial disappointment, however,...