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Change of Diet

Francesca Silva
I’ve been on a health kick lately. It all started when I stepped on my bathroom scales a few weeks ago and stared down in horror at the reading – 115 lbs! Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound too bad but I’m just barely over 5’ tall (and that’s if I stretch my neck) and this is the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. Even though I knew I had...
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Inspirational Quotes

Megan Mcdonough
This morning I went to add a new saying to my “favorite quotes” folder and found that the file was gone. I’ve been adding to that document for over a decade, collecting all the sayings that touched my heart, gave me inspiration, or provided a new perspective. Now the inspirational document is gone—probably accidentally erased when I was cleaning up the hard drive. It’s like a metaphor for life. Sometimes...
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A Kid at Heart

Francesca Silva
Many of my family and friends tease me that I’m a kid at heart. I still love reading children’s books and watching Disney movies. When my nieces and nephews were younger, we would have grand adventures together. I used to love playing dress-up with them – I had a whole trunk full of costumes they could choose from. They could be swashbuckling pirates, pretty-in-pink princesses, knights in shining armor, fairies…if...
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Deadlines and Downtime

Megan Mcdonough
Deadlines are a funny thing. I buckle down and get things done for a tight timeline. But when the deadline is far in the distance, I feel like I have all the time in the world to get something done. And therefore nothing gets done. A tight deadline is like the whirling dervish syndrome right before vacation—quickly tying up loose ends, getting tasks completed that have been sitting in the inbox...
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Internet: Friend or Foe?

Francesca Silva
When it comes to technology, I’ll admit it – I’m a dinosaur. But even I, reluctant adaptor to change, will admit that the Internet is a marvelous tool – when used properly and responsibly. And therein lies the problem… (more…)
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Edamame Fix!

Francesca Silva
I have a new food passion – Edamame! For someone who loves Japanese food, I didn’t even know they existed until recently, when I tried some at my cousin’s house. It was love at first taste. (more…)
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Christina Souza Ma
Changes in our lives continue to happen, whether in regard to our life journey or our planet. What happens to us when we get too comfortable in our situations? When there are no changes or shifts, or when we stop noticing them? We become familiar, lazy – stagnant. In the flow on things, we begin to miss steps that we would usually do. (more…)
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Christina Souza Ma
I was brought up with very strict boundaries in my childhood. It’s an interesting journey that I’m on now, balancing my own upbringing with that of my own child. Where do we draw these unseen lines in his life? How do we navigate when to extend them out further or bring them in? (more…)
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Memories and Memoirs

Francesca Silva
Mumsie and I had our first official “Mumsie Day” last week and, since the weather was lovely, we decided to visit one of her favourite gardens. We arrived just in time for lunch (perfect timing by Mumsie) and enjoyed a delicious variety of salads. After lunch, I borrowed a wheelchair from the garden office, thinking Mum would need it since there was a lot of walking involved – some of...
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Mumsie Day

Francesca Silva
How many times have you heard it? Or, for that matter, how many times have you said it? “I’m so busy that I can hardly find time in the day to do anything I really want to do.” Well, I’m guilty – I say that all the time. “I’m so busy…I’m so busy…I’m so busy….” For goodness sake, it’s turning into my mantra! (more…)
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