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Asking Why, Looking for Answers

Anatara Buckley
There is something in each of us that makes us ask "why?” We ask “why am I here?” We ask “what do I need to do about my life? My relationship? My career?” We ask “what should I do next?” We are often quite unsettled or unhappy with many things in our lives… (more…)

Thanks Gaby!

Francesca Silva
I’d like to start this blog by thanking Gaby, who responded to my “Right Fit” blog that I posted a couple of months ago. To recap that post, Mumsie is at the stage where she’s becoming more forgetful and more dependent on me. Since I cannot leave her on her own anymore, it has put quite a strain on me and so, following a heart-to-heart discussion with her, we agreed that we...
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New Affiliate Link Shortener

Segovia Smith
You ask…we listen! During last year’s conference, one of the most frequently asked questions by both affiliates and media partners alike was, “How can I set up a custom Affiliate link to send traffic to page X”? (Page X being any page on our site besides the home page.) (more…)

The “Resurrection”

Christina Souza Ma
For almost three months, my uncle was bed-ridden. On Easter Sunday, which most Catholics like himself celebrate with much Joy and with family, I decided to take a chance and get him out of the house. I told him that we had to celebrate it to the fullest – and so we did. (more…)
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Once a Soldier always a Soldier

Christina Souza Ma
The journey with my Uncle continues. He is actually quite strong now – strong enough that the words “safety” and “caution” have become part of my thoughts on a daily basis. He has gained weight which, up until now, was mass. But this week when we weighed him, it was definitely a fluid build-up. His ankles and calves showed major signs of swelling. This happened within a 24-hour period. Still, the body dealt...

The Hills Are Alive…

Francesca Silva
Okay, I’ll admit – I am an unabashed fan (fanatic?) of the Sound of Music. I’ve seen the movie at least a dozen times, know all the songs and lyrics, have read the biographies written by the actual Von Trapp mother and eldest daughter – and even performed the famous “Do-Ri-Mi” on the steps of Mirabel Gardens when Hubby and I visited Salzburg a few years ago (Hubby filmed this from a...
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Magical Medical Tour: Quid quid latine dictum sit altum viditur (keep reading)

Glenn Wollman
Quid quid latine dictum sit altum viditur -> translated into english means "whatever is said in Latin seems profound." Why does a Latin phrase sound profound? What causes us to become attracted to certain things visually or aurally? What triggers us to spend money on items that may be harmful or, at least, not in our best interests? Even if you do not know, be assured that there are those who do know...

Sorting of Lifetimes

Christina Souza Ma
This past month has been dedicated to not only sorting out my business but also the business of my uncle, who is still in my care. As I move items from his home to mine so that he can comb through them, I realized that he has nine decades’ worth of life compiled into boxes. Within those boxes are other boxes of trinkets, photos, memorabilia. Continue Reading: Sorting of Lifetimes