Category: The Business of Yoga

Day 2: Done (For Now)

Megan Mcdonough
Mindful MarketingNow that the mind monsters I wrote about yesterday have been put to bed (for the time being), I can get to work on some meaty actions. Or maybe it’s more yogic to say I can get to work on some tofu-y actions! (more…)
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Day 1: Fear of Failure

Megan Mcdonough
Megan McDonoughI was riding my horse down the road today to pick up my daughter from horse camp. Every year, she brings her beloved Rocky to a local 4H center, where she rides, grooms, and loves him to her heart’s content. (more…)
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21-Day Yoga Marketing Challenge

Megan Mcdonough
Workplace YogaWhat would happen in your yoga business if you focused your marketing efforts on one specific goal for 21 days in a row? Yoga professionals have a whole series of tasks related to running a yoga business. Our day can be a constant movement from one unrelated task to another. At the end of the day, it’s easy to feel exhausted and frustrated as we realize that yet another day has gone by without...