Category: The Business of Yoga

Day 12: Stop Doing That!

Megan Mcdonough
Say NoA yoga teacher who runs his or her own business is called to do many things above and beyond teaching – answer e-mails, sort out paperwork, cover for another teacher, or even clean the mats. But it doesn’t stop there – we also have our personal lives that need attention. (more…)
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Day 10: Engage Your Audience

Megan Mcdonough
Community FairThis past weekend, my husband and I worked at our town’s little community fair. It’s the longest running fair in the United States and is a real old-fashioned, agriculturally based fair. There are all sorts of exhibits where people show off their skills, including canning, baking, sewing, woodwork, crafts, literary arts, and more. (more…)

Day 8: The Power of Audio

Megan Mcdonough
Audio AcrobatYesterday, I wrote about testimonials. I promised to share the behind-the-scenes technology on how to turn written testimonials into audio files so that people can listen to them on your website. Today, I’ll keep that promise. I use a service called Audio Acrobat. This service allows you to send people a telephone number to call and leave a testimonial message. Continue Reading: Day 8: The Power of Audio