Day 12: Stop Doing That!

Megan Mcdonough

Say NoA yoga teacher who runs his or her own business is called to do many things above and beyond teaching – answer e-mails, sort out paperwork, cover for another teacher, or even clean the mats.

But it doesn’t stop there – we also have our personal lives that need attention.

There are a multitude of mundane tasks that need to be done – grocery shopping, laundry (mine’s in the dryer right now), daily chores – the list can be endless. And, of course, we have to find time for our biggest priority, which is spending quality time with our family.The topic of disengaging that I wrote about yesterday is not only relevant to conversations and relationships, but is also applicable to actions – perhaps even more so.Most of us have a “to do” list. Well, why not have a “not to do” list as well?

This is the essence of the 21-day Challenge, after all – to say “yes” to actions that serve your intention, and “no” to actions that pull you away from your intention. The act of disengaging in one area is essential if we want to engage in another.

I had to say “no” to coaching when I made a goal this year to focus on the Train the Trainer virtual program (yes, this goal is more than just a 21-day challenge for me). I receive lots of e-mails from people wanting help and support in marketing their yoga business. I want to help, but I came to the decision that I could not be a great coach as well as a great trainer of trainers. For now, it has to be one or the other.

What have you had to say “no” to in order to say “yes” to this 21-day Challenge?

Take the Challenge:

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Author: Megan Mcdonough

People with big ideas face a constant challenge: how to transform that vision into a new and better reality. Whether it’s change in your personal life or success in your business, vision needs action (and rest) to manifest.

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