Day 5: A System for Success

Megan Mcdonough

The 4 Hour WorkweekYesterday, nothing went as expected. Even what I planned to write never made it onto the page.

Oh well, today’s another day! I guess now is the time to share what I thought I was going to share yesterday. Better late than never…

On Day 3 of the 21-day Challenge, I wrote about generating a “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” page on a website. Today, I want to remind you to use that FAQ page to make your life easier. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

After I set up the FAQ page, I got an e-mail asking how the Training the Trainer course on “Coping with Stress” (CWS) was different from Jon Kabat-Zinn’s “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” (MBSR) program. There is quite a bit of difference because they focus on a completely different way of approaching stress. MBSR concentrates on individual, self-reflective meditative strategies. CWS uses an assessment to pinpoint what relationship coping resources will decrease stress. The tools of CWS include problem solving, communication, closeness and flexibility. The tools of MBSR are meditative practices.

When I received the question, I just went right into action and answered it, completely forgetting that I had already answered that question on the FAQ page! Rather than creating an answer from scratch, I could have saved myself some time by cutting and pasting my answer on the FAQ page into the e-mail, highlighting a few key points about how MBSR and CWS work well together. Sigh.

How many times do we recreate the wheel in our work?

In his book “The 4-Hour Workweek,” Timothy Ferriss teaches how to work less, gain more freedom, and automate your work so that it can run without your constant attention. I’m a long way from this dream. But I do see how important it is to set up systems and processes that keep us from needless repetition.

The FAQ page is a perfect example. I could have used previous work to make answering this question a snap. I could also use the FAQ page to train an administrative assistant to answer the question. I could use the FAQ page to save time and energy in countless ways – but I guess I just need to remember to use it!

What are some systems you have implemented that have saved you time? Do tell…

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Author: Megan Mcdonough

People with big ideas face a constant challenge: how to transform that vision into a new and better reality. Whether it’s change in your personal life or success in your business, vision needs action (and rest) to manifest.

2 Responses to “Day 5: A System for Success”

  1. Hi Megan,

    I have found writing my blogs in advance has saved me time. When I’m writing on a big topic, I just write alot, then divide it up for different blog posts.

    Then I schedule them to go out at later dates. Pretty basic, but it helps me feel free to do my other projects.

    BTW – I was in your workshop in Toronto a few years ago on the Business of Yoga. I enjoyed your latest videos on it but am focusing on kids yoga.

    I got some good ideas from them though. Thanks!


    P.S. I got The 4 Hour Work Week months ago but haven’t finished it yet. It has a great title though!

  2. Hi Aruna,

    Thanks for the tip on writing blog posts. I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I’m in Homer Alaska vactioning with the family as I write this. All the blog posts for the 21-day challenge were written before I left. I love that writing can be an enjoyable daily discipline….in fact, I miss my fingers typing on the keyboard, which is why I snuck into the local public library to write!

    I’m glad to hear we met in Toronto…loved that yoga show and your great city. Would love to come back some time. Best of luck on your kids yoga!

    Much love,


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