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Wii Yoga?

Paloma Chavez
wiifit.jpgDo you Wii? A recent announcement from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, noted that yoga will be one of the fitness related options of their new Wii Fit product. Due out in May 2008, the product is a “pressure –sensitive” balance board that will already include this new program. (more…)
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Swami Ramdev Comes to LA

Paloma Chavez
ramdev.jpgThe Anaheim Convention Center will be the selected site for the summer visit of Swami Ramdev.  He will be conducting a five-day yoga camp beginning July 9th thru July 13th.  His previous camps have taken place throughout the world including Africa, Britain, the U.S. and Canada. Swami Ramdev is known for his leadership in providing a clear understanding of the benefits of yoga and Pranayama. (more…)
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Bare Your Yoga

Paloma Chavez
nakedyoga.jpgIn New Mexico, a naked yoga class takes place in a safe and supportive environment, led by Scott Lehman. Across the nation a number of studios are considering the benefits of doing yoga in the nude. While yoga students are still a bit shy, there are a number of classes that are either co-ed or male only. (more…)
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The Good Medicine

Paloma Chavez
goodmedicine.jpgThis weekend in Los Angeles the Golden Bridge Center will be hosting a natural healing and wellness event called Good Medicine. The Golden Bridge – Spiritual Village was co-founded by the nationally revered teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. It has successfully provided a “village” of yoga practices, education and options for natural wellness. According to the organizers of Good Medicine they describe their work, as “Our mission is to...
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Yoga Medical Update

Paloma Chavez
science2.jpgOnce again the positive results of a regular yoga practice have been acknowledged in the medical community. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity are a few of the probable outcomes of metabolic syndrome. And neglecting your health in any of these instances can lead to a weakened system. (more…)
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Insightful Yoga

Paloma Chavez
SeeingYoga.jpgExtraordinary people are ones that don’t hesitate in their actions when they realize one simple act can benefit a whole community. Such was the selfless act of Mangala Sarda, yoga instructor, who created a Braille book on yoga for the visually impaired communities in India. As a teacher of the National Association of the Blind she devoted 10 years to teaching students. It was from this experience that she...
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Yoga Day USA

Paloma Chavez
yogadayusa.jpgSince 1999, Yoga Alliance has ignited the effort to bring yoga awareness across the U.S.  On January 26, 2008 yoga studios will offer classes for low or at no cost fees in order to share the benefits and gifts of yoga. This annual celebration has provided the opportunity for new and returning students to renew their commitment or to experience how yoga can bring focus and inner strength into ones life. Many...
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Yoga in Your Town

Paloma Chavez
desertyoga.jpgSometimes we find the most helpful information in some of the most unusual spots. This week we came across a post all about yoga teachers and classes in Tucson, Arizona on the Arizona Night Buzz online site. Typically they are covering the hotspots in the city from clubs to video and restaurants. I found it to be a good article for anyone looking for basic information as well as specific...
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