Swami Ramdev Comes to LA

Paloma Chavez

ramdev.jpgThe Anaheim Convention Center will be the selected site for the summer visit of Swami Ramdev.  He will be conducting a five-day yoga camp beginning July 9th thru July 13th.  His previous camps have taken place throughout the world including Africa, Britain, the U.S. and Canada.

Swami Ramdev is known for his leadership in providing a clear understanding of the benefits of yoga and Pranayama.

Through his work, he reveals the significance of practicing correct breath control and it’s influences on balancing our physical and mental states.

In an article of the IndiaPost they identify him as a “revered saint and an educator.” The organizer of the visit is quoted saying that “According to Pranayama advocates, internal organs benefit from the practice because more oxygen is pumped into the body. Swami Ramdev is working to prove clinically that it really works.”

During his visit he will be holding daily yoga sessions that the organizers explain are meant for everyone and not just for the “yoga expert.”  The sessions will be approximately 2 ½ hours long and participants are advised to wear light clothing and to refrain from eating four hours before the class. Admission prices that range from $150-$500 are based on ones desire to sit closer to the stage area. All proceeds will be used for educational and charitable programs. Visit Yog Camp for updated information and registration.

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