Yoga for Athletes

Paloma Chavez

yogaathletes.jpgYoga can be for everybody. More and more college sports teams are looking to yoga to help improve balance in their sports performance. From the Philadelphia Inquirer they investigated the number of college athletes who are doing downward dog and frog along with their sprints and push-ups.

The article “School athletes, if not science, embrace yoga” quotes a number of student athletes who are having their first experience with yoga in their workout rooms.  Such as Lacrosse player Mike Distler “It makes us a little more in tune with our bodies,” he says, “It definitely stretches us out more than we ever would during the week.”

In addition they reported on the statistics of college age students practicing yoga, “Yoga Journal survey indicates nearly 16 million Americans pursue the discipline – 8 percent of them in the prime college age range of 18 to 24.” Coaches of these athletes are also being impressed by the interest and the results they are seeing on the field.  From results like a more balanced team, less injuries to conference championships, both students and coaches are embracing the new training methods.

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