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A Giving Thanksgiving

elbert traister
apples_2_apples.jpgEver since I moved out to Los Angeles, my Thanksgivings have been pretty quiet. The only family I have here is a cousin. This year was different. On Thanksgiving morning, I headed out to a park to play some volleyball with the youth kids. Then I headed over to my cousin’s new house for the first time, and enjoyed a couple of hours of family conversation. Finally, I spent the last few hours of Thanksgiving...
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Kato Drinks Sprite?

elbert traister
Jay-Chou.jpgOnce again, my weekend begins with a night at youth group. Only this time, there’s a twist. The activities coordinator decides that it’s a good idea to have a pie eating contest - more specifically, pumpkin pie slathered with whip cream. Oh yeah, it’s a 12-year-old girl versus an 11-year-old boy. For you competitive types, the girl won, which was hilarious. The fun really began when they decided to try to mash what was...
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Screening of NINE and Q&A

madoka kasahara
daniel-day-lewis.jpgLast week, I had a screening for the new big budget musical movie called “NINE” that will be released on December 25th. In addition to the fact that I love musicals in live theatres and movies, there was the added bonus of a Q&A with all the main cast members: Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Penélope Cruz, and Judi Dench. I’ve been attending a lot of...
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Why Was I So Busy??

madoka kasahara
rent-sign.jpgMy daily schedule the last few weeks was crazy. First of all, the promotion at YogaHub started, so all of us team members were (and still are) totally focused on it. On top of that, even though I’d been so busy putting in a lot of hours at work, I also had to look for a place to live because I’m moving out of the current place I’m staying at. I opened up several websites...
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Koto Performance and Yoga

madoka kasahara
koto-performance.jpgI started learning Koto - a Japanese traditional music instrument - when I was small, and I studied it for 16 years. I did a lot of concerts, at least once a year, at different places in Sapporo, Japan. Before leaving Japan for America, however, I decided to take a break from Koto for a while. Umm…but a strange thing happened: Koto came to me. Now, you must be wondering what I mean...
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Yoga Tribute to Michael Jackson

angie harris
michael-jackson.jpgIt’s hard to express how to feel when you hear news of Michael Jackson’s death. He was a world-renowned legend who contributed greatly to the music community and broke a lot of barriers for the African American community. I grew up listening to his music and watching his videos. I remember when “Thriller” first came out on MTV - I was in awe watching it. I remember my mom telling me stories of how she...

Be Selfish and Make Mom Happy

jane dagny
Oil PaintsWhat are you doing this weekend? Are you planning anything fun and exciting? Perhaps it’s one of those weekends to catch up with friends? Or maybe even better is finding time for yourself. That’s the kind of weekend I’m going to have. My first priority is to start each morning on the mat, doing yoga of course. Then, my goal is to finish a painting I started months or perhaps even a year ago...

Spring in Your Step

jane dagny
Spring TulipsDon’t you love it when you wake up in the morning and it’s Spring? I find that my day goes so much better when I start it off seeing sunlight. I love the feeling of a bit of sun touching my skin. Do you feel that way too? (more…)
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