Be Selfish and Make Mom Happy

jane dagny

Oil PaintsWhat are you doing this weekend? Are you planning anything fun and exciting? Perhaps it’s one of those weekends to catch up with friends? Or maybe even better is finding time for yourself. That’s the kind of weekend I’m going to have.

My first priority is to start each morning on the mat, doing yoga of course. Then, my goal is to finish a painting I started months or perhaps even a year ago – I can’t remember. At any rate, I am determined to put the final touches on it. The painting is of a plant that my mother was very proud of. Whenever I visit her, I often find her tending the garden. This particular plant, whose name escapes me at the moment (it’s been that long), started coming into bloom. From the way she spoke of it, it’s almost a rarity that this happens. So we took a photo, capturing the shades of green of its leaves and the almost fluorescent appearance of its petals with the deep lavender tones and vibrant coloration.

I have since taken the photo and taped it near my easel while I painted. You may ask why it has taken me so long to finish the painting. Well, I have been stuck with the way I’ve mixed the oils. Part of the beauty of this plant is its color brilliance, and I have been fiddling with it and leaving it. The canvas sits in my kitchen and is about 2 x 3 feet, so I can’t miss it. Anyone who has seen it wonders what else I could possibly be finishing, but I know it’s not acceptable for me yet.

When I do put the final brush stroke on it, this will be my mother’s day present. I know she’ll like it, as mothers often do like gifts from their children. Although painting is at times challenging, I quite enjoy it, as I find it relaxing. I do this for myself; it’s my time to play and be creative. And if it ends up making my mother happy, that’s a big plus.

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