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Tales of a Yoga Virgin

elbert traister
ET_yoga-virgin_12.11.08.jpgI have never done yoga before. I’ve done stretches, wushu, played sports, but I’ve never stepped foot inside a yoga studio, until 6 days ago. First impression: “Not bad.” Second impression: "Great.” Allow me to explain. I was about a minute late because of traffic, and it was at night, so I had a little trouble spotting the studio. Once I got there, I had to fill out a slip of paper because it was...
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Are You Stressed?

madoka kasahara
MK_Are-You-Stressed.jpgYes, I am. There is a lot of negative energy circling the world because of the economic crisis in America. Even though I try not to be around people who complain about the economy, it’s hard to ignore them and avoid being more stressed since this crisis has been affecting everything such as jobs, finances, food, entertainment, and exercises.
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