Are You Stressed?

madoka kasahara

MK_Are-You-Stressed.jpgYes, I am. There is a lot of negative energy circling the world because of the economic crisis in America. Even though I try not to be around people who complain about the economy, it’s hard to ignore them and avoid being more stressed since this crisis has been affecting everything such as jobs, finances, food, entertainment, and exercises.

The more things get stressful, the more necessary yoga is.

Well, I’d been making excuses about how I didn’t have time to go to yoga classes because I had to spend more time focusing on so many other areas of my life. I realize that is wrong because focusing on my body is just as important. I’ve noticed my body getting worse, as if it’s getting heavier and heavier. I felt like I had been carrying 10-lb weights on my shoulders. When I go to bed, my left arm would feel restless. I have not had a decent sleep for a few days. Stupid me… I have been so stubborn.

Finally, I popped a yoga DVD in my player and practiced yoga for 10 minutes. It wasn’t enough. I popped in another DVD and practiced some more. Yeah, that felt better, but after a period of non-yog

a, I think it was too late to expect my body to feel “refreshed” from a couple of yoga exercises in just one night. That’s how bad my body was. The next day, I checked on YogaHub.TV and found a good shoulder workout. The tense sensations on my shoulders were almost gone after following the gentle yoga practice in the video.

I learned my lesson: don’t wait until it becomes too late to do yoga!

Although, I had stopped for some time, yoga still helped me to relieve all the tension that had unknowingly built up in my body.

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