Thankful Yoga

elbert traister

ET_ThankfulYoga.JPGFrom parties, to shopping, and traffic, Thanksgiving and Christmas mark a period of increased social activity in America. As the holiday season quickly approaches, this year promises to be much different than in recent history. The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression threatens to add to the stress that many people already feel during the holidays. Dealing with this stress will be crucial to your ability to enjoy whatever upcoming festivities you have lined up.

If you haven’t tried it, yoga is a proven method for dealing with the stress bombs sure to come in the next couple of months. There are many aspects of yoga that are useful when battling stress: meditation, breathing techniques, stretching, and asanas, or poses. Whatever your physical abilities are, there is something yoga can do for your stress, so don’t be afraid to try it if you’ve never done it before.

Being new to yoga is something everyone will encounter at some point in their life, assuming everyone tries it at least once of course! There are a myriad of options for brand new yoginis, like dvds, classes and these days, Youtube. Start small, with maybe a 10 minute workout and work your way up. Once you feel the benefits, you’ll never turn back.[tags]stressful times, yoga practice, holiday and yoga, 10 minutes workout[/tags]

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